Current Equipment

My current equipment is an AstroPhysics 1600GTO mount, which sits atop a PierTech3 adjustable height pier. The telescope is a Takahashi TOA-130, a 5.1 inch, 1000mm focal length, f/7.7 instrument. I have the 4 inch focuser model and use a 6x7 flattener. Also included in the image train is an Optec Pyxis 3 inch rotator, and a Finger Lakes PDF focuser. Finally, the camera is a SBIG STL11000 coupled with a CFW8.

Riding piggyback on top of the TOA130 is an older-model FSQ106 for widefield imaging.

I use filters made by Baader, including Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Hydrogen alpha, SII and OIII. The latter two I rarely use. I especially like the Hydrogen alpha filter, as imaging through light pollution with it is no problem at all.

I also use the Optec Alnitak Flat-Man 18 inch XL Flat Fielder for making flats.