Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Rob Buehler. For about twelve years, I have pursued astrophotography as time allowed, setting up my telescope and mount in the back yard or, occasionally, traveling to dark sites. But career and family commitments came first. Finally, the time has come that I can build the permanent observatory I've always wanted, and devote more time to imaging the night sky.

Astrophotography is itself a blend of art, science, and technology. It is the technology part that can be daunting; getting equipment and drivers and computer to play happily together can be challenging. A hundred details have to come together to make an imaging session successful. And if one happens to get good images, they in turn must be processed, which has its own challenges.

I do not have a technical background, coming from a career in finance (and an English major from the University of Arizona in 1971). The lack of that technical background has occasionally proven to be an impediment. So the purpose of this website is, in part, to write the occasional blog about my experiences and to share my solutions to the many roadblocks I continue to encounter. I find astrophotography to be far from simple, but I also find it to be immensely rewarding.

Above all else, I truly hope to be able to share the sense of wonder I feel when it all works out right. So many times, I watch an image come together on the computer monitor and I think, "this stuff is magic."