Cone and Christmas Tree Nebula Region

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The Cone and Christmas Tree region are approximately 2700 light years from earth. When photons left this region on their way to earth, around 700 B.C., the Roman Empire had not yet begun. A ‘pre-Roman’ culture, the Etruscans, began to flourish in that part of Italy which is today known as Tuscany.

Object Data

The Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree region together form NGC2264, located in the northern part of the constellation Monoceros. It is an HII, star-forming region. In this photo, the Cone and Christmas Tree are located toward the lower right corner, surrounded by clouds of hydrogen gas and dust.



Date: March 18 10
Location: Park Link Property NW of Tucson
Telescope: FSQ106
Focal Length: 530
f/ratio: f/5
Mount: AP900GTO
Camera: SBIG STL11000
Exposure: Ha: 14x600, R: 12x300, G:12x300, B: 14x300
Processing Notes:

First attempt at an HaR,RGB. Frustrating, but lots of fun. Photoshop CS6, CCDStack 2+, and Registar.